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Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution is used to reduce the high pressure inside an eye. This high pressure is often caused by Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension. Bimatoprost falls under a category of drugs termed as Prostaglandin analogs. When instilled in the affected eye, it increases the flow of naturally occurring liquids out of the eye and as a result, decreases the pressure buildup.

Contrary to popular belief, the term Glaucoma is used to denote a group of eye diseases. These diseases are Normal-tension Glaucoma, Open-angle Glaucoma, and Closed-angle Glaucoma. The underlying characteristic of these diseases is the damage to the optic nerve and subsequent vision loss. Out of these three types, Open-Angled Glaucoma is the most common one. It grows slowly for a long time and there is no pain. After a period, the peripheral vision deteriorates and then the central vision. If it is not given proper attention and treatment, it can cause permanent blindness.

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  • Working procedure of Bimatoprost

    Prostaglandins (PG) are lipid compounds found in a variety of cells in animals. They are known to have hormone-like effects. Bimatoprost is an analogous compound of Prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α). However, it does not interact with Prostaglandin F receptors. The studies have shown that Bimatoprost mimics the Prostamide F2α. Prostamides are chemically related to Prostaglandins but are thought to have their receptors.
    When instilled in the affected eye, Bimatoprost stimulates and regulates the flow of naturally generated fluids in the eye. This release causes a significant drop in the Intraocular Pressure (IOP) and saves the patient from impending blindness.

  • Is Bimatoprost right for me?

    Bimatoprost has been a widely used drug to treat Glaucoma since 2001. It is a relatively safer alternative to physical surgeries. With the availability of cheap Bimatoprost online, millions of the patients have turned to it over their local pharmacies.
    If you do not have any allergic reaction to it and have consulted your doctor, then go ahead and buy Bimatoprost online. You will be relieved from the hideous threat of blindness and make a substantial saving from the costs.

  • Dosage of Bimatoprost

    Despite its miracles, Bimatoprost is one of the drugs that need to be handled and administered with respect. It may interact with other medications or can cause severe side effects. Overdosing is an ever-present danger. Some guidelines related to the dosage:
    • Bimatoprost is to be instilled in eyes only.
    • Stick to the prescribed dosage only.
    • Hands must be washed before and after the application of Bimatoprost.
    • Make sure that the container tip does not come in contact with the eye, eyelid or skin.
    • The head must be tilted backward while instilling the drops.
    • Keep the eyes closed for a few minutes for the maximum benefit.
    • Do not miss the doses as it can make the condition worse.
    • Continue using the Bimatoprost drops even if the symptoms are reduced.
    • The results of the Bimatoprost start appearing after 4 hours with a gradual drop in the eye pressure.
    • If more eye drops need to be instilled along with Bimatoprost, then keep no less than 5 minutes between their application.

  • What is the ideal dosage?

    Consult your physician to determine the ideal dosage for you. It is important to stick to the recommended dosage as an overdose can cause severe discomfort and temporary or permanent damage to the eye.
    What if I overdose? :If an overdose is suspected, swiftly notify the proper authorities and inform them about the medicine and the quantity it is administered in. Try and avoid missing the dose. Administer it as soon as you remember. However, if it is almost the window for the next dosage, then forgo the missed one and wait for the next.

  • Common Side Effects

    As is with most of the pharmaceuticals, Bimatoprost also has some side effects. They may or may not occur depending on the physiology of the user. If any of the following side-effects are observed then the doctor must be notified or emergency help should be called. Some of the common side effects include:
    • Dryness in the eye.
    • Burning feeling in the eye.
    • Irritation in the eye.
    • Darkening of the eyelids. This change is temporary in most of the cases and reverts when the medication is stopped.
    • A poking pain in the eye.
    • Etching of the eye.
    • Redness in the eye and eyelid.
    • The blurring of the vision.
    • A permanent color change of the iris to brown.
    • An interesting side effect of the Bimatoprost is the darkening or the thickening of the eyelashes. This side effect was further studied and later, Bimatoprost was approved for cosmetic use.

    Rare Side Effects : There are some side effects of the Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution which are apparent in less than 1% of the users. If observed, these side effects must be taken with absolute seriousness and dealt accordingly. The patient should call their physician or emergency help. These rare side effects include:
    • Discharge through the eye.
    • Extreme sensitivity to bright lights.
    • Extreme pain in the eye.
    • Headache and nausea.
    • Swelling of the eye.
    • Blistering of the eye.
    • Tightness in chest and throat.
    • Fever.
    • Trouble in breathing.

  • Warnings and Precautions of Bimatoprost

    • Be careful and attentive while performing tasks that require clear vision. For example, driving.
    • Some components of the Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution can be absorbed in contact lenses. Therefore, it is advised that the contact lenses are removed before the instillation of the drops and put back in no sooner than 15 minutes.
    • It must not be used by individuals below 16 years of age.
    • Notify the doctor before using Bimatoprost if you are pregnant or plan on having them in the future.
    • If you are breastfeeding an infant, discuss with your doctor to weigh in the risks and benefits.
    • Store the Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution container at room temperature and in a dry place.
    • Make sure that it is stored away from the reach of pets and children.

  • Where can I buy Bimatoprost?

    With an early diagnosis, the diseases causing intraocular pressure (IOP) can be slowed or stopped altogether with proper medication and/or surgeries. Ever since the FDA approval, the Bimatoprost has occupied a hearty share of IOP treatments. Its effectiveness has helped millions of patients to get rid of the looming blindness.
    Bimatoprost is available in regular pharmacies as well as online pharmacies. The benefit of buying Bimatoprost online is that you can save a lot of money. Since the treatments for IOP do not cure the disease but stop its progression, the patients are often advised to continue the application of the eyedrop. Buying cheap Bimatoprost online allows you to live a fear-free life with a manageable expense.